Chronos joker

The Chronos Joker slot has its theme rooted in Greek mythology, and its three reel, five pay-line format certainly has a classic feel to it.

It’s easy to learn the ropes on this fruit slot, which is playable from 5p all the way up to £100 per spin.

Game background

The Ancient Greeks placed great importance on horoscope astrology, and Chronos Joker is set against a backdrop of nebulas and star clusters, giving it a feel of floating through the galaxy. There are themed symbols, which fit with this styling, and these are mixed with the classic fruit symbols that we know and love. It might seem like a clash of styles, but somehow, Chronos Joker pulls it off.

Games provider

Play’n Go has been churning out the online casino slot titles since 2005. It favours Ancient Greek and Egyptian themes, and the company is rarely found wanting in terms of its graphics. Chronos Joker sits snugly alongside other titles in its range, which mix futuristic themes with old school sensibilities, such as Big Win 777 and Inferno Joker.

RTP (return to player)

Chronos Joker offers a satisfactory return to player (RTP) of 96.54 per cent, and is recognised for possessing medium volatility. With multiplier stakes doubling up to 20x, it is possible to win up to 1,600 what you bet on every re-spin.

Feature bonuses

Chronos Joker offers features including ‘The Spins of the Future’ – this triggers with a x2 multiplier, and increases up to x10 in the order of x3, x4, x5 and x10, with re-spins continuing until a win is achieved. ‘The Spins of the Present’ is triggered if the multiplier is x3, x4 or x5, while ‘The Spins of the Past’ feature triggers with the x10 multiplier.

When there is an instance in which the random win multipliers double at the beginning of a spin or re-spin, the Super Spins features can be unlocked. ‘The Super Spins of the Future’ triggers with a x4 multipliers, increasing up to x20 in an order of x6, x8, x10 and x20. Re-spins will continue until a win is achieved. ‘The Super Spins of the Present’ triggers with a x6, x8, or x10 multiplier, and the ‘The Super Spins of the Past’ triggers with a x20 multiplier, and decreases down to a x4 maximum with each following re-spin, until a win is achieved.


If you want the best of both worlds; modern multiplier formats combined with classic fruit machine characteristics, the Chronos Joker slot will certainly tick your boxes. It really does manage to mix creativity with convention quite splendidly. There are plenty of large multipliers to look forward to, but it is likely you will be crossing your fingers for the double multipliers, including the huge 20x multiplier. If three reel slots represent the simple slot experience you are looking for, Chronos Jokers adds enough bells and whistles into the bargain to make it a compelling low volatility option.

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