Contact Slot Game Review

Contact is one of those few games that gives you all the information you need about its secrets in the name. This Play’n Go game utilises a mechanic that’s becoming increasingly popular, combining the well known cascading slots feature with a new ‘sticky’ symbols feature. This means that, unlike other cascading slots, the losing symbols in Contact video slot game are removed rather than the winning ones. Your objective is then to add to your growing block of winning symbols, with the ultimate aim of filling the whole playing area of the slot game and winning amazing bonuses. So is this Mayan themed game a lost temple of riches, or just a pile of rocks? Let’s take a look!

Contact Video Slot Gameplay

Developers Play’n Go are well known for innovation and novelty in their games, and this title certainly doesn’t go against the grain. Contact slot game does exactly what it says on the tin, rewarding you for getting matching symbols to touch each other vertically or horizontally. Get five matching symbols making contact with each other, and you achieve a win in the slot game. Get an entire row filled with matching symbols all the way from left to right of the game’s 5 by 7 grid and you activate the bonus round. 

Contact Slot Game Wilds And Scatters

Each row of Contact slot game gives you something different as you complete it, from a multiplier to a special power. Get the entirety of the game’s grid filled with the same matching symbols and you activate the super bonus round. This method of activating the slot bonuses does mean that there are no wilds or scatters in Contact, but it’s a fun and novel way of playing that offers a break from the norm.

Contact Slot Game Graphics And Stats

In terms of the art style, the whole game of the Contact slot is themed around a Mayan temple, so the lower value symbols are represented by animal carvings and the higher ones are Mayan ritual masks. As always with Play’n Go slot games there has been a lot of attention paid to the quality of the graphics and the backgrounds of Contact slot, while thematic music plays during the game and the animations. With a betting range between 0.20 and 100 credits, and an RTP of 96%, this online slot game both looks the business and pays well.

Contact Slot Game Feature Bonuses

This doesn’t play like a traditional slot, so the bonus rounds of Contact online slot are more integrated into the main game than usual. A bonus round is activated in the game each time a row is filled, with even-numbered rows granting multipliers of 2x, 4x and 6x as you get higher up the reels, while odd-numbered rows of Contact slot game activate a random special power when they are filled: Block destroyer blows up symbols to allow other symbols to fall from above, giving you another half free spin, block upgrade makes a random winning combination increase to a higher value symbol, while the extra spin feature simply gives you another free spin. Filling the whole playing area of the Contact slot game activates the super bonus, which improves your existing bonuses, giving you a multiplier of up to 30x as well as even more free spins and upgrades all your existing combinations.

Overall Contact slot game is a refreshing title for those who are seeking for some novelty in the slot gaming world.

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