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What are slots?

A slot machine is one of the more popular forms of casino game, whether in a live casino or online. Online slot machines generally have at least three reels but this can be more depending on the machine that is being played. It is extremely rare to find a machine with less than three reels. Different slot games have the possibility of paying out vastly different amounts. This depends both on the style of machine they are, as well as the relevant jackpot that is available. Jackpots are not just limited to a single machine. Some are linked from casino to casino or portal to portal, offering up the dream of a huge win for a tiny stake. These are referred to as ‘progressive jackpot’ machines. Every single slot will have a different paytable and staking setup, therefore it is essential players familiarise themselves with this before beginning to operate the game.

What slot machines we cover

Slot machines come in three different forms – classic, video and progressive jackpot slots. You will find that each category will have its own section in the lobby when you log on to your respective casino. We will review slots in all three categories here to allow you to decide exactly which slots are the best to play. Our slot game reviews will focus on online slot games as well as mobile slot machines.

Classic slots

If traditional slots are your thing, the ones with 3-reels in a classic mode, we have you covered. Not so long ago classic games would be quite basic and run of the mill, but more and more these days firms are introducing various different features to their games, making them more attractive to the slot player. Players who think classic sounds tame and boring, will be pleasantly surprised as that is no longer the case, so if you love your slots be sure to check out this section here at

Video slots

If you are looking for something more modern then it is the video slots format that is for you. Unlike most classic slots, the video variety tends to come with five reels and multiple paylines, which offer up the chance to win big and regularly. Different slots have different wagering options and video slots have a wide range of bonus features, such as multipliers, spins and side games within the theme of the slot, so they can take some getting used to. Our reviews will point out which slots you can play for free, giving you the chance to get familiar with them before you embark on using real money.

Progressive jackpot slots

Generally these days the most popular form of slot machines are the progressive jackpot ones. This is because they offer players the chance to win monster sums of money without having to depart with a significant amount of cash. The jackpot for these machines is generally linked across a certain network and goes up all the time. A percentage of each stake goes towards the jackpot, which progresses all the time, and can be won at any moment. These jackpots can stretch to six and even seven figures and can be life-changing.

Helping you choose

Whether it is a free money slot or a real money one, a classic, video or progressive jackpot slot we have you covered here at Our experts will provide feedback on all the leading online slot machines. They will explain the games, how they work, what you can win, how you win and much more. We will provide feedback on each slot and extensively highlight the main features available on all online and mobile slot games, giving a background to the history and theme behind each.

Extensive library

There are literally hundreds of different online slot machines, and we have the biggest and best of them in our extensive library. Each different type of machine has its own section in our reviews list, making it easier for you to head straight to the style of machine you are wanting to play. If you are based in New Zealand and playing slots is your thing, bookmark us here at to get the best information required for all your online slot needs.